The Benefit of Waterproof Floors

We need water to live. We drink it, wash with it, and use it to cool off on hot, summer days. Water is great until it shows up in areas of our home where it is not meant to be. Then there are problems. While the potential for spills or water-leaks is always with us, some options can help us be prepared were the worst to happen. One of those options is waterproof flooring.

Waterproof or water-resistant flooring?

Sometimes the difference between these two kinds of materials can be a little confusing. Water-resistant means just that: it protects against most minor water damage. Waterproof, on the other hand, is impervious to water, whether in small or large amounts. This flooring will not swell, bow, stain, fade, or lose its structural integrity due to water presence. Besides, it is impervious to water. In other words, not only can it not be harmed by water, but it also will not let water seek through it to the subfloor below. What are some examples of each? While most laminate floors are water-resistant, luxury vinyl is genuinely waterproof. Ceramic and porcelain are technically water-resistant (though highly so) but can be installed and sealed to make them waterproof. Stone is typically relatively porous but can be sealed to make for a highly water-resistant surface.

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Waterproof vinyl flooring for your Toledo home

The function is always important. Yet, function without form leaves us wanting. The beauty of Luxury vinyl flooring is that while being waterproof flooring, it is also beautiful and versatile enough to be placed in every area of your home. There are luxury vinyl planks designed to imitate the look and feel of various kinds of hardwood flooring. Also, luxury vinyl tiles are designed to mimic the look and feel of ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile flooring. And every model has a scratch-resistant surface layer intended to stand up to the traffic of even the most active families. Whether you are looking for a floor for your home's formal or informal areas, this fits the bill.

Stop by our showroom and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will show you our waterproof flooring options. We serve the areas of Toledo, OH, Maumee, OH, Holland, OH, Sylvania, OH, Perrysburg, OH, Waterville, OH, Whitehouse, OH, Lambertville, MI, Temperance, MI, and Swanton, OH. We look forward to working with you on your waterproof vinyl flooring project.